How can such women be helped, sustainably?

Story 1

  1. Great awe for Roja and her character. If I was in her place, I would in any tense situation remotely close to hers, I would have called my work and informed that I can’t come in that day. My mind wouldn’t be able to do anything but worry about the incident. But here, I see a strong Woman (of course this only made me think of what all she had gone through so far to make her this tough, more on it some other day)who exhibited behavior which I think in the corporate world would be applauded & decorated.
  2. Again and again, I hear stories of women feeling powerless, particularly those who belong to the lower middle class or poor families, being victims of abusive husbands. Not able to speak up or stand for their rights due to the fear of surviving alone in this harsh society or being a burden to their parents. My heart yearns to do something for these women.

Story 2

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Nandini Priya Rabelli

Nandini Priya Rabelli

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